Clinical Test Report of Unilever Maqui Plus+


Clinical test done by antioxidant experts at Department of Recreation Sport & Health Promotion,
National Pingtung University of Science & Technology, Taiwan.

  • 20 Healthy volunteers, 20-40 yrs
  • Risk factors:Smoke 10+ cigarettes/day
  • Risk factors:Drink 30+ g alcohol/day, equivalent to 600cc of Taiwan Beer, 250cc of red wine, and 75cc of XO

They are required to take Maqui Plus+ :

  • 4 shots = 100ml per day, for 3 months
  • 2 shots = 50ml before meal, morning & evening


  • 20名健康志愿者,年龄介于20 – 40岁
  • 风险因素:抽烟 每天超过10根香烟
  • 风险因素:喝酒 每天超过30克酒精 , 相等于600cc台湾啤酒,250毫升红葡萄酒或75CC的XO

连续3个月,每天摄取 MaquiPlus+ 2小杯




 Increase Antioxidant Efficiency
Resulting in detoxifying free radicals 3 times higher and faster

After 3 months of Maqui Plus ingestion, maximum increase in enzyme activity of both glutahione reductase (300%) and glutathione peroxidase (58%), involving in free radicals elimination, was observed which indicates higher antioxidant efficiency- higher amounts of free radicals were eliminated at a faster rate.

After drinking Maqui Plus 4 shots (100ml) daily, blood samples were tested for MDA ( Malondialdehyde ), a toxin from cells & tissues damages due to free radicals.

Maximum reduction of MDA toxin was 36% after 1month, and up to 51% after 3 months of Maqui Plus ingestion, indicating improving cells, tissues, and liver protection against damages.


Liver protection improved after drinking Maqui Plus
4 shots (100ml) daily for 1 month, and increased 14% after 3 months.
Blood samples were tested after exercised to stress the body.
Liver injury-induced enzymes, SGPT & SGOT, started to reduce after 1 month, and SGPT reduced up to 14% after 3 months, indicating improving liver protection against free radicals. In addition SGOT reduced 46%.
SGOT (AST, Serum Glutamic Oxaloacitic Transaminase), SGPT (ALT, Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase).


Increase Natural Antioxidants in the body, both TYPE and LEVEL.
Complete CELL PROTECTION both Inside and Outside.

Maximum increase of natural antioxidants levels in the body were found both for “antioxidant enzyme, SOD (Superoxide dismutase)” found mainly in the extracellular matrix of tissues (127% in 1m, 255% in 3m),

and for “antioxidant peptide, GSH (Glutathione)” found intracellularly especially in liver cells (205% in1m, 246%in 3m).



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